It all started when we were feeling a little burnt out and wanted to go on a vacation that would leave us feeling relaxed and recharged. We decided to go on a Wellness Retreat - a vacation that was going to leave us feeling renewed, healthy and happy! And so the hunt began... but every wellness retreat we looked at didn't quite seem to fit the bill. It was always: 

  • The same itineraries in the same destinations

  • Too expensive for the quality of accommodation offered

  • Fitness all day long...  (aren't holidays supposed to be relaxing?)

  • Or too little fitness... (I'm still trying to get healthy here!)

  • Limited food options (We all need some variety or even the option of cheat days sometimes, right?) 

  • Not enough activities to discover the destination together! (We wanted to explore the destinations and immerse ourselves in its culture too!)

Speaking with our fitness friends, we realised that creating truly unique wellness retreats was really freaking complicated!

Accommodation options were limited to purpose built wellness resorts which usually only offered a set itinerary and food menu to everyone each day. What were friends, family, partners and kids going to do if they didn’t want to participate? Activities outside the resort were difficult to organize for groups without local knowledge or people on the ground.

We felt that it really shouldn’t be this hard so we decided to take things into our own hands, and from there, Project Retreats was born!

At Project Retreats, we create bespoke wellness retreats for you, your clients, family and friends in the most beautiful destinations around the world!