Each retreat we organise is unique, incorporating the identity of your studio and your clientele.

We work with you to understand the overall theme, experiences and goals you would like to provide your clients on retreat (Tell us your wildest retreat desires!)

From there, all you have to do is pick from the options our expert retreat curators have carefully prepared for you; then rock up on retreat!

That's right - you won't have to deal with the hassle of sourcing retreat locations, making bookings, tracking payment deadlines, organising local activities and all the endless admin!

We are experts in our field and take the hassle out of EVERYTHING so you can focus on doing what you do best;

Providing your guests with a world class wellness experience, one that they will keep coming back for.  

To break it down, we work behind the scenes to make your retreat come alive by:



- Picking the ideal destination and accommodation that sets the ambience and tone for your retreat;

- Finding the perfect unique space to host your classes and workshops;

- Curating breathtaking one of a kind experiences for your guests based on your interests (No tourist traps!);

- Planning and scheduling a perfectly balanced and enjoyable itinerary;

- Preparing all marketing material for you to utilise and share with your clients;


- Handling all participant registrations, payments (incl. Payment plans), flight bookings & special requests;

- Organising all bookings with accommodation, transport providers & activity vendors;

- Co-ordinating all guest arrivals, departures and travel requirements (flight tickets, visas & airport transfers);

- Scheduling and co-ordinating all activities, transfers and transportation;

- Coordinating all meals to ensure that each individual's dietary; requirements are met with delicious varied options each day;


- A dedicated staff member from our team will be available to you 24/7 on retreat making sure everything runs smoothly so you never have to deal with the unexpected!

- Through our extensive local network in every destination, no request is too difficult and no problem is too hard to solve.

- We make sure everyone (including you!) is having fun, feeling relaxed and feeling well taken care of throughout your retreat so you can focus on what you do best - providing your guests with a world class wellness experience, one that they will keep coming back for.




Collaborations are exciting for participants as they are given the one time opportunity to:

  • Be provided with a holistic wellness program;

  • Learn from different complementary practices;

  • Build a wellness network and be surrounded by like minded individuals to share visions, practices, goals and experiences;

  • Learn from the best instructors in the industry, all in one location!

Think of it as your very own little Wellness Symposium!

Retreat collaborations are difficult to organise and rarely done as it can get complicated creating a fair and equitable partnership, especially if you're based in different states or countries with different client bases. We work through all the messy details for you and create retreat collaborations between: 

  • Studios in varying locations, both domestic and internationally;

  • Studio franchises;

  • Studios offering a complementary practice to yours (e.g. pilates + functional fitness training / yoga + pilates / functional fitness + meditation);

  • Any studio you can think of!

All you have to do is let us know who you'd like to collaborate with and leave the rest to us!

Collaborations are also a great way to host a larger retreat if you are a young studio. Please drop us a note if you'd like to register your interest to be paired up with another young studio on a retreat and we will find you the best match!



Guest instructors are also a great way to provide your participants with a special retreat experience. We are able to organise a guest instructor to pop in for a workshop or a couple of classes during your retreat from the local destination, or even an international guest. 

Have someone in mind that you'd like to get involved as a guest on your retreat? Just let us know who and leave the rest to us!

Looking for a recommendation? We have some of the best instructors on our Wellness Panel. Get in touch!